Friendly Kritters™ started in 1983 under the name Scripture Pals. They first appeared in the magazine Israel My Glory (published by The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry). There was such a wonderful response to their introduction in the magazine, they found their way to the back cover and even a few times on the front cover.

It became apparent, by the number of requests, that we needed to make them available in other forms. We produced the first calendar for the 1987 year. A mere 6" x 9" folded and stitched calendar was produced. The calendar was so successful, it became an annual project for the mission. The size grew to 8 1/2" x 11" folded and the sales soared to 100,000 sales by 1990.

Requests for cards and cross stitch prompted manufacturing some small Thank You and Thinking of You cards. 7 counted cross stitch designs were developed by 1989 and printed. It was in doing the detail work on the cross stitch leaflets which found Tom in bi-focals by the end of that summer.

Mugs, shirts, magnets and other products continued to be produced. Our first license was signed with Messenger of Indiana for a spiral bound calendar for retail. ENESCO signed a contract to design and produce a series of figurines and other 3-D products and gifts. The figurines have a special place in the Friendly Kritters' history. Unfortunately, they were sold out of the product shortly after producing them and are no longer in production.

Bob Allen, Tom's father and greatest fan, had been a full-time salesman for the Kritters for a number of years in the South-eastern United States. In the early days, his mother and father put together the thousands of cross stitch kits. There was always a kritter project in progress, not to mention DMC floss just about everywhere at the Allen household. Tom's father and mother went home to meet their Creator and they leave behind a legacy of love, kindness and generousity.

Today, the Friendly Kritters™ touch lives on every continent. We have received pictures, notes and greetings from dozens of countries. It is our desire to continue to produce quality products that will lift hearts and touch lives for eternity.

Thank you to the thousand of fans that share these simple inspirational illustrations with family, friends, associates, and neighbors.