In 2013, we had a special challenge. creating a character of the sea monster Leviathan. Great Sea Creature, Sea Monster, Great Whale, Pet Dragon, Giant Sea Monster, Livyatan, and Great Sea Animal are some of the descriptions in an assortment of translations.

The following is a collection of some of the drawings produced in the process of developing the character and illustration.

This is the finished illustration.

It is in the 2013 calendar as February.



Originally, the character was designed as a land and sea creature, like a typical Friendly Kritter character.

That was bad form as the Leviathan is a sea monster.

Here is an attempt to create the head of the character as a sea monster, keeping in mind to not be scary or too mean looking.
Another set of heads leaning more toward the comical. The internet became a great source of reference just to get the feel of a sea monster.
More development in the head of the character and the start of designing the body, at this point, keeping the sea monster above water.

Things were coming together for an above water image.

I noticed I was being influenced by the Loch Ness monster of mythical fame.

Still, I felt the need to show some underwater activity and that would also allow for some needed color.

The possibliity of a split view was explored.

More work on a split view showing above and below water views.
After receiving comments from a small focus group, the above water image was selected and finalized.
I just could not get the underwater idea out of my head, so I continued developing that concept.
Maybe a more whale like character would be the way to go. I really beefed up the character in this segment.
Let me try a thinner, whispy-like character - still trying to avoid any snake-like appearance.

The whole concept was coming together and the layout semed to be working as well.

Introducing some recognizable elements began to add a sense of reality. once the foreground was developed, I dropped in a fianl version of the Leviathan.
Part of the process included gathering some sketches of sea life to add to the illustration. Here is a small collection of some of those creature drawings.