A school bus driver has been laminating and posting used calendar illustrations on her bus. As her student passengers get promoted to the next grade level to Junior high, she lets them choose one of the calendar prints to keep.

That is a great way to recycle.
   I do love your calendars and think you are a delightful painter. Sometimes I can find your three "kids" in one picture but sometimes I just can't get them all. You are very clever.          
Marion B. WI
  I appreciated the letter, and My wife and I and the many, many, many people - both young and old - that you have blessed think of you often with gratefulness because of the "gift" of your talent that you have given back to God, and He has "published". I hear many times over "how nice and practical 'your gift' (the Calender) is", or "the magnets are the 'best part of my day!' ".
    C. Ross      Moscow, Russia
  Thank you for the tremendous art work and inspiration for every month! I adore your art work and look forward to your new prints yearly. Thank you for that blessing.
   Vivian B.  
   I enjoy giving your calendars as gifts each year. People sure look forward to getting them. They are a great encouragement.      Debbie P. Alberta Canada
   I love your calendars. I just found your website.
     D. Faulk
  I love your unique calendars.They are a real blessing.
  I order around 75 calendars every year. I give them away as Christmas presents. It has gotten to be a tradition. People love them and more and more people want them. Thank you for doing them.
     Lillian M. CA
  God Bless you! I just got to look through your 2008 calendar today, it was amazing! I love March with the animal flying a kite!
    Joy S. FL


    I visited your web site. I love your work! I especially love the images you offer to share with the Scripture verses! God bless you!
     Sandy P.

   I am a long time "enjoyer" of the annual "Friendly Greetings" calendar. A friend sent this to me and I could just see you drawing some of these critters and putting great Bible verses with them for a few years down the road. Enjoy!      Jeanne C.
  I am delighted with the Friendly Kritters calendar I received.      Gail N.     Ontario, Canada    I loved your web-site.
        Elena C. CA
  Thanks for your response and for your wonderful inspiring cards, calendars and everything else!    God Bless You,      Carolyn M.    I think that your calendar is really wonderful and puts a big smile on my face.
      Connie R.
   I have used your calendars for the past 20 years and love them. I often look up from my desk and the Lord uses the text on the calendar to encourage and inspire me. Thank you! I very much appreciate your using your creative gifts to encourage confidence in God and His Word in such a winsome way.
     Marsha B.
    Our friend gives us one of your calendars each year as a Christmas gift and we thoroughly enjoy each and every one of them throughout the year; and the blessing messages they have.
Your work is a great ministry to all of us and you present GOD's beautiful messages from Scripture in such wonderfully artistic ways. Thank GOD for you talents and may He bless you and your staff.

     Henry S.
   It is a joy to give your calendars away at Christmas time as a witness to our Savior. Thank you for making such an endearing year long reminder of the Word available.
     J. Woodworth    US ARMY
   We've been getting your wall calendars for years, and we love them!!!
     Art W.     St. Louis, MO
   A friend gave me the Friendly Kritters calendar and I love it.
     Bobbi Jo D. AZ
  Your are an awesome talent, we love the calendars you drawing. We got one from our friend, we love so much. We went to your webside, and enjoy it so much. Thanks. It is peace by God in all the pictures. It is so touching.
     Wendy & Bobby